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Imagine. Sketch. Innovate.

KaliDesign Studio Imagine, Sketch, & Innovate isn’t just our tagline, it’s our company philosophy. Everything starts with an imagination, a concept, and a single idea from which greatness comes from. That dream needs to be fleshed out, molded and sketched into something tangible, something that will stand out and make an impact. Finally, without great innovation even the best ideas can go awry. We make sure that your ideas see the light of day and that your dream becomes a reality.

Current Clients: Pepsico, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Main Street Films, Trailer Park, Peugeot, La Vache Quire, LaFarage, Barclay's, ATA Tennis, Better Life Mobility, GIZ, Edita, McCann WorldGroup/FP7 (Agency), Impact BBDO (Agency), Kairo (Agency), Liquid (Agency) etc.

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